Saturday, April 17, 2010


My sister Em and I are both gleeks, and since the return of Glee coincided with her birthday, we decided to have a little themed getogether to celebrate both occasions. 

First off, serving slushies is a must. I made the slushies at home so they wouldn't melt before the party, and bought some paper slushie cups at the corner store:
Glee themed food was a little tougher to tackle, and since no one was interested in eating those messy red cupcakes the glee club sold at the bakesale, I settled on cafeteria food. I bought some trays at IKEA and slopped gooey mac and cheese onto them. The meal was served in assembly line fashion, where guests could grab some veggies and juiceboxes for their tray. 
 I made a glee cake for dessert, decorated with the classic loser hand made of fondant. It was my first time working with fondant, but it turned out pretty nicely 
Party favours included little plastic footballs, miniature hand sanitizers, boxes of nerds and ipod erasers all wrapped up in little containers decorated with character headshots.

Even though the episode didn't live up to my expectations, the party more than made up for it! Happy birthday Em!

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